Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lamination

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While “lamination” may make you think of the shiny finish teachers put on school papers, the concept has a new meaning in the beauty world. A creative technique known as brow lamination has quickly become a popular trend over the past few years. Originating in Russia, brow lamination is a way to add high-shine and definition to your brows.

Curious to know if this treatment is right for you? Here are a few useful facts straight from our med spa providers here in Vero Beach.

What Is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is used to groom and shape your brows while giving them a glossy sheen. The procedure uses a special chemical solution to slick the hairs into place and create fuller, shapelier brows. This treatment works best for patients who want their brow hairs to look uniform without looking “overdone” or unnatural. It is especially useful for those with thinner brows, but all women can benefit from the procedure.

How Is Brow Lamination Performed?

A brow lamination treatment session begins with your provider applying a special cream to the hairs. This cream holds the hairs in your desired position, while a secondary cream is used to chemically restore bonds broken down by the first cream. Your provider will sculpt your brows into a flattering, fluffy shape while the cream begins to set.

The entire brow lamination treatment usually takes less than 15 minutes. Your eyebrows can also be tinted if desired.

Is Brow Lamination Different Than Microblading?

Yes, brow lamination is a microblading alternative, and the two procedures are not the same.

Microblading uses a tattoo-like technique to place pigment below the skin’s surface, creating semi-permanent lines that look like eyebrow hairs. Brow lamination, on the other hand, is less invasive and doesn’t add “hairs.” Instead, the treatment uses your own natural hair to sculpt and enhance the shape of your brows.

What Do I Do After a Brow Lamination Session?

As a nonsurgical procedure, there is no downtime required after brow lamination. Just be sure to keep your brows dry for the first 24 hours after treatment. Refrain from swimming or taking showers during this time and skip your steam bath or sauna for the day. After the first day, you can treat your brows normally and go back to your usual beauty routine.

How Long Do Brow Lamination Results Last?

Most brow lamination results last up to 2 months. You can prolong your look by using clear brow wax to further sculpt and define your brows. Many patients schedule touch-up treatments as part of their regular beauty routine.

Brow lamination is a terrific option for making your brows look better than ever before. If you’re interested in brow lamination or another med spa procedure, please contact our Vero Beach practice online or by calling (772) 231-1133.

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