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Brow Lamination

Have you ever tried to tame your unruly eyebrows by brushing them with brow gel only to see them again pointing in random directions 10 minutes later? Brow lamination may be the solution you need. Eyebrow lamination is a relative newcomer among brow shaping treatments offered at our Vero Beach med spa. It grooms hairs into place using a chemical solution, creating fuller-looking and more attractively shaped brows that typically last at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Brow Lamination Before and After Photos

  • Brow Lamination Before and After Photos
  • Brow Lamination Before and After Photos
  • Brow Lamination Before and After Photos
  • Brow Lamination Before and After Photos
  • Brow Lamination Before and After Photos
  • Brow Lamination Before and After Photos
  • Brow Lamination Before and After Photos

Actual patients of White Orchid Spa. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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What Does Brow Lamination Treat?

The shape and appearance of eyebrows can help highlight the attractiveness of other facial features, including your eyes. Brow lamination—sometimes called brow sculpting—is for people who want the hairs to all fall in a uniform direction without looking unnatural. Brows look thicker, straighter, and neatly groomed. The treatment is especially useful for clients with thinner eyebrows, but women with full, unruly brows can also benefit.

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How Is Brow Lamination Performed?

A brow lamination treatment performed at White Orchid Spa begins with the brow artist applying a cream that makes it possible to manipulate the eyebrow hairs into the desired position. After several minutes, another cream is then applied to restore the bonds broken down during the first step. As the artist applies this solution, she will meticulously brush brow hairs up into a fluffy shape.

The eyebrow artist customizes the treatment after initially discussing the client’s goals, and the procedure may include applying a tint to the brows if desired.

Even though the lamination process itself will probably take less than 15 minutes, tinting and other techniques that are often part of the procedure can result in a total treatment time of 45 minutes to an hour.

How Is Brow Lamination Different From Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique that involves manually depositing pigment just below the skin’s surface, creating semi-permanent results that look like actual eyebrow hairs. Unlike brow lamination, microblading is a minimally invasive procedure that helps reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill in over-plucked eyebrows.

Brow lamination isn’t invasive at all and doesn’t add hairs, such as eyebrow extensions or pigment. The treatment is limited to using your own brow hair. Brow lamination uses a process similar to a lash lift. You can also complement the results of brow lamination with eyelash extensions.

Is Brow Lamination Safe?

Absolutely. Our experienced eyebrow artist will ask relevant questions regarding your health history and conduct a patch test to make sure the treatment products are suitable for you. It’s important that you choose an experienced brow artist to perform brow lamination because the treatment isn’t necessarily for everyone, and a knowledgeable brow technician understands this.

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Post-Treatment Care

Caring for your eyebrows after getting brow lamination is actually quite simple. The most important thing to remember during the first 24 hours is to avoid getting the brows wet. That means don’t use a steam bath or sauna. After a day, you can treat your brows normally and brush them into place each morning with an eyebrow spoolie.

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Our artists tailor their services specifically for each guest, and a consultation enables them to listen to your concerns and create a customized treatment plan. Brow lamination clients from Melbourne, Sebastian, and along the Treasure Coast come to our spa for treatments. You can request a free, 30-minute consultation using the online form or call our spa at (772) 231-1133.

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