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Whether you want to refresh, repair, rejuvenate—or simply relax—White Orchid Spa offers an extensive range of massage therapies and body treatments that are sure to satisfy your desires. Choose from our menu of specialty massages, a signature body polish, body wrap, or even a body melt as an individual treatment or to complement a facial or massage at our beautiful Vero Beach, FL, facility.

Benefits of Massage

White Orchid Spa staff member giving a client a massage

We all know a professional massage feels wonderful. Massage can also benefit many aspects of your health, including:

  • Reducing stress hormones
  • Increasing relaxation
  • Relieving muscle tension, soreness, and pain
  • Improving circulation
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Calming anxiety
  • Increasing joint mobility and flexibility

The menu of massage therapies and body treatments we perform at White Orchid Spa rejuvenates, relaxes, relieves, and renews our guests.

Massage Rituals

Ultimate Massage Ritual

110 Minutes | 265

2024 Price $295

A White Orchid Signature Spa Therapy. This indulgent ritual begins with a purifying back treatment to stimulate blood flow and circulation. A personalized massage that includes your choice of aromatherapy, warmed stones, and therapeutic heat will provide deep, comforting relief of aches and pains while inducing a deep state of relaxation. The ritual closes with a warmed oil scalp massage and 10 minutes of reflexology to boost the immune system & enhance overall well-being.

Signature Lavender Body Melt Ritual

80 Minutes | 205

2024 Price $245
with new enhanced
treatment protocol

Feel your stress and tension melt away with this Signature White Orchid Body Therapy. Enjoy therapeutic hot packs, lavender oil, and a soothing full-body Swedish massage with hot stones. Lavender Velour Body Melt masque treatments are massaged into feet, hands, and scalp to soften, hydrate, and nourish while promoting a deep state of relaxation.

Rebalancing Gemstone Ritual

80 Minutes | 215

2024 Price $255
with new enhanced
treatment protocol

Detoxify and rebalance your mind and body with this unique healing ritual, featuring a full-body dry brush to stimulate the lymphatic system, and a warm infrared jade and tourmaline gemstone mat to aid in boosting blood flow, alleviating anxious thoughts, and counteracting EMF radiation from cell phones and computers. Special Swedish-style massage techniques using an Ayurvedic turmeric butter nourishes the skin from the inside out and helps to flush out toxins, while a soothing lavender and argan oil scalp massage eases tension and relaxes the mind.

Soothe & Stretch Ritual

80 Minutes | 235

No longer available after December 31st, 2023

Arthritis and rheumatoid conditions, aches and pains, and tired, tight muscles – the natural aging process takes a toll on our bodies. Alleviate your ailments and clear your mind with this rejuvenating ritual. Utilizes an advanced full body stretching protocol, therapeutic and deep massage techniques, healing arnica butter, and ten minutes of reflexology to increase flexibility, reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system.

Muscle Melt Ritual

80 Minutes | 230

2024 Price $265
with new enhanced
treatment protocol

Melt body aches away with this specialized pain relief ritual. Advanced and deep massage therapies, magnesium-rich avocado butter, and hot stones enhance tissue recovery, reduce pain, and improve flexibility. This unique muscle recovery ritual promotes natural healing processes and eases the body and the mind from the inside out. Perfect for those experiencing minor muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms, exercise-induced muscle tightness, and stress.

Couple’s Escape Ritual

150 Minutes | 600

2024 Price $620
with new 120 minute
enhanced treatment

Renew your connection with this rejuvenating escape. Enjoy a calming foot cleansing massage ritual, full-body green tea & lemongrass exfoliation, a warm shower, and an 80-minute Signature Custom Massage with soothing heat compress, warm stones, lavender body melt, and your choice of pressure. The ritual concludes with a warmed argan oil scalp massage and a warm stone and peppermint foot massage. Served with champagne.

Massage Therapies

Signature White Orchid Custom Massage

50/80 Minutes | 160/210

2024 Price $175/240

A truly customized treatment, this therapeutic massage at our Vero Beach med spa combines any of your preferred massage modalities. Begin with an aromatherapy breathing exercise and a soothing warm heat compress to loosen tight muscles. Create your perfect treatment with your choice of pressure, advanced techniques, hot stones, aromatherapy, and targeted body oils. A one-of-a-kind experience every time.

Couple’s Massage

Priced Per Person Per Treatment

Enjoy any two White Orchid Massage or Body Therapies in the same treatment room, served along with complimentary champagne.

Simply Swedish Massage

50/80 Minutes | 130/180

2024 Price $140/205

This popular stress-relieving treatment uses light to medium pressure and various gliding, effleurage, and kneading techniques to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

50/80 Minutes | 150/200

2024 Price $160/225

Slow, deep pressure and skillful hand movements target stressed muscles, unlock tension, and relieve pain. Ideal for chronic pain, bothersome knots, or limited range of motion. Your therapist may include the use of specialized tools to assist in working deeply into the muscles.

Naturally Nurtured Pre-Natal Massage

50 Minutes | 140

2024 Price $160

Relaxing benefits for both moms-to-be and baby. Relieve muscle aches and joint pain and reduce swelling.

*Guests in their first trimester are unable to receive a massage.

Body Treatments

IRC X WOS Immersion Wrap

75/100 Minutes | 195/245

2024 Pricing
75 Minutes $225
100 Minutes $290

Immerse yourself in the signature scent of White Orchid Spa inspired by our location in Indian River County. A full-body exfoliation with our signature refreshing Green Tea & Lemongrass sugar scrub gently removes dull, dry skin, leaving a fresh canvas for an application of Lavender-infused body melt for delivering nourishment and antioxidants. After a warm, rainfall shower, a soothing massage with Sweet Orange-infused body butter provides the silky finishing touch.

Golden Glimmer Shimmering Body Polish

75 Minutes | 195

2024 Price $225

Get your glow on with an illuminating full-body exfoliation. Pure Sugar Cane crystals gently slough away dry skin. Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Marula, and Sweet Almond Oils nourish and moisturize, while an application of Golden Glimmer Oil leaves skin soft, supple, and radiant. Includes a 25-minute full-body exfoliation and 50-minute full-body massage.

Green Tea & Lemongrass Body Polish

50 Minutes | 130

2024 Price $150

Smooth and revitalize dry skin with a green tea and lemongrass blend. Treatment includes an energizing full body exfoliation and hydrating massage.

Extend & Enhance Your Treatments

Add 10 minutes to your experience for enhanced relief and relaxation.

Dry Brushing


2024 Price $45
Including new enhanced
treatment protocol and gift

Gently sweeps away dead skin cells to stimulate circulation and detoxification. May assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite and fine lines.

Warm Stone & Peppermint Feet Treat


2024 Price $30

An ultra-relaxing foot treatment includes a warm stone massage with peppermint foot crème.

Warm Oil Scalp Massage


2024 Price $30

Warmed argan and coconut oils are massaged into hair and scalp to relieve tension while boosting moisture and shine.



2024 Price $30

A therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet.



Works with the body’s own endocannabinoid system to reduce chronic pain and inflammation naturally.

Warm Stone Massage


2024 Price $12

Warmed basalt stones soothe tense muscles and enhance relaxation. Also aids in softening muscle tissue for pain relief.

Arnica Oil


2024 Price $12

Arnica oil provides superior anti-inflammatory benefits for sore muscles, aching joints, and sciatica.

Silicone Cupping


By creating negative pressure and suction, cupping releases tension and toxins in the body for both detoxification and pain relief.

White Orchid Spa providers

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Our massage therapists in Vero Beach understand that no two guests are the same, and they tailor their services based on the type of massage desired and the concerns expressed by each guest. Women and men looking for body treatments and massage therapy in Melbourne, Sebastian, Port St. Lucie, and along the Treasure Coast choose White Orchid Spa. You can request a free, 30-minute consultation using the online form or call our spa at  (772) 231-1133.

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