5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Skin Again

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Taking care of your skin is something we emphasize to all of the guests who come to our med spa and day spa in Vero Beach. Here are some tips that can help you fall in love with your skin again:

Get Plenty of Sleep

Yes, “beauty sleep” is a real thing. Sleep plays an important role in keeping our body’s systems functioning properly, including our skin. While we sleep our skin goes through the process to repair daytime damage and generate new collagen and elastin, which can minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, lack of sleep causes the stress hormone cortisol to release, which can create inflammation and flare-ups in skin conditions (ever notice when you’re not sleeping well you suffer from more skin troubles?).

If you’re struggling to sleep, try creating a calming evening routine that allows you to wind down and get those all-important zzz’s – your skin will thank you!

Need an extra boost? Try our newest Relaxation Ritual – the Signature Lavender Body Melt – after work one evening. You’ll feel your stress and tension melt away with this Signature White Orchid Body Therapy including therapeutic hot packs, lavender oil and a soothing full-body Swedish massage with hot stones. A Lavender Velour Body Melt masque treatment is massaged into feet, hands, and scalp to soften, hydrate and nourish while promoting a deep state of relaxation. Bonus – this wonderfully relaxing treatment is 15% off Monday through Thursday.

Stay Hydrated Inside and Out

As our body’s largest organ, your skin needs proper hydration just as much as the rest of your body. By hydrating your skin from the inside and out you can slow the aging process, prevent your skin from looking dry and tight, and rid your body of toxins that can cause damage.

Hydrate from the inside by drinking eight 8oz glasses of water each day – our guests particularly love our Coconut Water Enhancer from Pure Inventions.

To hydrate from the outside, try adding in a skin hydrator, such as SkinMedica’s HA5, to increase the water content in your skin which can help promote a smooth and plump appearance.

Fade Sun Damage

Here in Florida, we love spending time in the sunshine, but repeated exposure can lead to wrinkles and dark spots. Although many factors contribute to skin aging, sun exposure can take most of the blame!

Thankfully there are ways to reverse some of this sun damage:


The VI peel utilizes various acids and vitamins that work together to correct skin problems at the cellular level. It is very effective at improving hyperpigmentation that is a result of sun exposure, but it also addresses fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.

Complexion Correction MD Peel System:

The Complexion Correction peel is a powerful treatment that works to lighten areas darkened by melasma and other pigmentation such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, solar and senile lentigo (dark spots from sun exposure), and freckles. This peel works by both removing pigmented cells in the outer layers of the skin while also blocking the production of pigment causing melanin.

Halo Laser Therapy:

The first laser of its kind, the Halo delivers both ablative & non-ablative wavelengths simultaneously for maximum results with minimal downtime. This revolutionary treatment targets stubborn pigmentation, uneven skin tone & texture, as well as enlarged pores, fine lines, and scarring. Get your Halo glow for your best complexion ever.

Skin Brightening Serum:

Lytera by SkinMedica is a great skin lightening product that is formulated to address even the most stubborn skin discoloration. Lytera is a great at-home product that can improve the overall appearance of your skin.  Even better, Lytera also helps optimize the results of multiple treatments, including chemical peels.

Reverse Signs of Aging

Many of us are looking for that “holy grail” skincare product, the single product that not only fights fine lines and wrinkles, but brightens the skin and reduces discoloration; the one product that is not only easy to use, but actually works.

Believe it or not, that product does exist and it is one of our favorite products here at White Orchid Spa – SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum.

This serum is actually a dual-chamber bottle that houses two products: TNS Recovery Complex on one side and APS Corrective Complex on the other. The main ingredients in the TNS Recovery Complex consist of naturally-occurring growth factors that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin texture and tone. The APS Corrective Complex is a combination of antioxidants and peptides that work together to fight free radical damage and reduce the appearance of discoloration.

By combining two powerful ingredients in one bottle you can simplify your skincare routine and fight those pesky signs of aging!

Enhance the effectiveness of this amazing serum by receiving regular skincare treatments by a licensed professional. Our go-to facial for quick and reliable anti-aging results?


This revolutionary facial treatment utilizes super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and help address the signs of aging and environmental stressors. This hydra-dermabrasion procedure combines cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, hydration and sun protection, and is great for all skin types!

Exercise Regularly

We all know that exercise helps our heart, lungs, and muscles but regular exercise can lead to healthy glowing skin. When we exercise, we increase our blood flow throughout our body, which improves the circulation of vital oxygen and nutrients, including to the skin. This blood flow also helps carry away waste products, helping prevent damage by free-radicals. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, find something fun you enjoy like meeting the girls to go on an evening walk or trying a new sport like tennis.

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