Fillers: For More Than Just Wrinkles

White Orchid Spa

It’s no exaggeration that injectable fillers rival BOTOX® Cosmetic in both popularity and effectiveness. For example, at our med spa in Vero Beach, the injectable filler JUVÉDERM® is one of our most requested services. While many patients initially request fillers to reduce facial wrinkles, they are usually pleased to learn that fillers can do much more to enhance the appearance of the face.

The concept behind fillers is relatively simple. Based on a smooth, biocompatible material — typically a gel form of hyaluronic acid — fillers are injected just beneath the skin to add volume to fine lines and deep creases. While wrinkles can certainly cause an aged appearance, another more significant factor of facial aging is volume loss. Over time, fat beneath the skin of the face and neck begins to sag and may even disappear, leading to a gaunt appearance or loose facial skin. In this case, fillers go beyond just smoothing wrinkles. They can actually replace lost volume, creating a fresh-faced result that looks and feels quite natural.

JUVÉDERM products are available in a variety of formulations, with subtle differences between them. These differences, typically related to consistency or molecular size, make each product uniquely suited to different jobs. Our injectors deftly mix and match JUVÉDERM products to seamlessly improve the following:

  • Sunken cheeks and temples
  • Lines of all severities around the nose, mouth, and chin
  • Thin, wrinkled, or uneven lips

Each JUVÉDERM product — VOLLURE®, VOLUMA®, and VOLBELLA® — is approved by the FDA. Additionally, these products come thoughtfully pre-formulated with lidocaine, a type of topical anesthetic. This ensures that each injection is as comfortable as possible. At our practice, we also offer patients the option of using an additional topical anesthetic. This is especially useful if you’re sensitive to injections or if you’ve had dermal fillers in the past and weren’t as comfortable as you wanted to be.

At White Orchid Spa, your dermal filler treatment takes place in a tranquil, private treatment room. Your injector takes time to discuss your procedure and answer any of your lingering questions. Our injectors use very small needles called microcannulas to inject the product. We find that this approach makes for a more comfortable experience and fewer incidences of bleeding and post-treatment bruising.

Each injection lasts for only a second, but there will be multiple injections to give you the results you want. You should expect to be in our office for up to an hour, though the exact length of your appointment will depend on the details of your procedure and what complementary treatments you schedule. For example, fillers can be administered in conjunction with other injectable products such as BOTOX or KYBELLA® for a more complete improvement that treats several areas of concern at once. When administered together, these products still don’t require any recuperation time.

The people who choose dermal fillers are just as diverse as the products’ indications. While fillers have always been a hit with women in their 40s and 50s, they’re starting to see some popularity with younger patients too, especially those with naturally thin lips or people who simply want to subtly stave off the very first signs of aging.

When used to add volume to certain areas of the face, fillers can create a noticeable lift and tightness that can last for months. Regardless of your specific aesthetic concerns, the seasoned professionals at White Orchid Spa are here for you. They count on their extensive experience to treat your very specific concerns and create results that flatter your individual face. Every person ages at a unique rate and in a unique pattern. Finding a personalized solution that works for you is an art that our injectors have mastered.


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