Maskne – The New Acne Battle


As our state opens up, we’ve been finding ourselves venturing out more with a new accessory: Masks.

With the addition of masks to our everyday lives, you may be seeing a few extra pimples or irritation in the areas where your mask sits, cleverly known as “maskne”. Maskne is a catchy term for an actual skin condition called Acne Mechanica which arises when our pores are blocked or clogged due to pressure, friction, or rubbing. Though various causes are known, masks are now becoming a familiar culprit.

The best treatment for Maskne is actually prevention.

  1. Adjust your makeup routine.

    Wearing foundation and other heavy products under your mask can contribute to your pores becoming blocked. It is best for you to allow your skin to breathe as much as possible by not wearing any makeup where your mask covers.

  2. Wash your cloth masks after every use.

    Of course this is to help prevent the spread of the virus, but it is also important to remove any oils, makeup, and acne-causing bacteria that can build up on the inside of your mask. Most cloth masks can be washed easily in your washing machine, but be sure to not use heavily fragranced detergents.

  3. Wash your face.

    Be sure to keep up with facial cleansing, especially before and after you wear your mask. Mild cleansers are best, as they won’t contribute to any irritation your mask may cause. Try not to use overly drying cleansers as they can strip your skin of its protective properties. Also, try a double-cleanse! We recommend starting with an oil cleanser like the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil from Eminence to breakdown the day’s grime. Follow with your favorite cleanser appropriate for your skin type of particular skin condition.

  4. Masque after you mask.

    Using a treatment mask is a great way to keep flare-ups at bay. Try the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque from Eminence – formulated with cucumber and shea butter to soothe irritated skin, and lactic acid from yogurt to purify pores and prevent future breakouts.

  5. Exfoliate your skin.

    Exfoliating your skin three nights a week with help buff away any buildup of oils, skin cells, and makeup. Just be sure not to over exfoliate! 3 nights a week is plenty. We love a gentle exfoliator like the Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant that removes impurities with a gentle detoxifying microgreens complex.

  6. Protect your skin

    You can use silicone strips or Aquaphor ointment if your noticing areas of irritation develop where your mask sits. These can help create a barrier and protect the skin from ongoing irritation.

  7. Give your skin a breather.

    It is ok to remove your mask when you are alone in your car or at home to let your skin breathe.

If you are already seeing maskne appear, know that it is treatable and responds well to our typical acne treatments.

  1. Consider an acne-treating cleanser.

    Though these cleansers can be more drying, people with acne-prone skin may benefit from incorporating acne-fighting ingredients into their cleansing routine.

  2. Spot treat

    . If you still end up with a pimple or two, spot treating will help with quicker healing and to fade any leftover dark spots. You can use a spot treatment containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to treat those spots directly even with your mask on during the day. We recommend the Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque from Eminence. Remember – picking and popping only makes matters worse!

  3. Get a facial

    . A customized facial that targets your needs can help free your pores of buildup and give your skin a refresh.

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