Let’s Face It: Your Skin Is Worth It!

White Orchid Spa

For many people, facials serve as an introduction to professional skin care, bridging the gap between an at-home routine and more intense clinical treatments. At our Vero Beach day spa, we select the appropriate facial based on the current condition of your skin and the results you’d like to achieve. Facials do more than just cleanse and moisturize your skin. Incorporating regular facials into your skincare regimen can have far-reaching positive effects.

If you’ve never had a facial, you may be curious about what happens during the process. Although the precise sequence of steps differs depending on your specific concerns, most facials follow a similar pattern.

At White Orchid Spa, our facials are performed by trained estheticians in a quiet, private treatment room with the lights dimmed. Your hair will be kept out of the way with a soft headband so your esthetician has full access to your skin. Once you’re comfortably settled into your treatment chair, your esthetician begins by gently cleansing your face, removing superficial impurities and makeup. Next, more thorough cleansers and exfoliants sweep away deep dirt and oil, decongesting the skin and renewing the complexion. Your esthetician may also incorporate extractions, or the manual removal of blackheads and whiteheads, into your facial. These can be uncomfortable, so we can skip them if you’d like. Finally, your esthetician applies a series of nourishing serums and moisturizers to deeply hydrate your skin.

Skin is more than just your body’s largest organ. It’s a living, dynamic material that constantly regenerates itself, changing with our habits, our age, and even the seasons. That’s why it’s so important to periodically update your skincare routine. Our professionals are experts at monitoring your skin’s condition and making recommendations so you can to bring out your best.

For example, in the cooler months, many of our patients gravitate toward deeply moisturizing facials and products, aiming to make up for the diminished humidity in the air—here in Florida, our skin can be quite spoiled! Then, in the summer, sun protection and skin repair are key. Our Radiance Renewal Facial and other reparative procedures are popular for skin that spends a lot of time in the sun.

In addition to beautifying your skin, regular facials can do wonders for your mental health. Our shortest facials are 50 minutes long, which means you get nearly an hour of quiet time that’s nearly meditative. Simply lie back and relax while your esthetician gently guides you through your customized ritual. Chat as much as you like, or simply let your mind wander. Some people prefer a facial over a massage when it comes to relaxation and promoting a sense of deep serenity—the beautiful glow that follows is simply an added bonus.

The benefits don’t stop there. Because facials rely on significant manipulation of your skin, you can count on improved circulation, too. Think of it as a highly localized massage, complete with the same benefits—just on a smaller scale. Regular facials can also help stave off the aging process. The products used are often stronger than what’s available at the drugstore, making each facial a dose of potent “medicine” that can reduce oxidative stress, encourage cellular turnover, and correct many types of damage, including photoaging.

Each of the estheticians at White Orchid Spa has been extensively trained in the artful administration of facials. Skilled at creating an environment of deep relaxation, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that your skin is receiving the best care possible. When your facial fits your skin just right, it’s so much more than a skincare treatment. Instead, it’s a fully harmonizing experience for your body, mind, and soul.

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